Four-Week Jumpstart Program

Feeling stuck? Have the winter months taken their toll on your well-being? Do you want to feel like you again, but you don’t know where to start or how? Let’s come together and get out of that funk with a four-week jumpstart program.

With the jumpstart program, you’ll make a commitment to yourself and work for four weeks to attain your goal. This isn’t your normal challenge program where you challenge yourself to drink a gallon of water every day for 30 days. This program is designed to get you back on track and feeling like your confident, strong, and abled self again! I will guide you each week but still give you the freedom to personalize each weeks plans to fit what works for YOU. Because isn’t this what it’s all supposed to be about? YOU helping YOU challenge yourself to jump back into the life you want for yourself. So are you in???


For $79 you will get VIP access to one-on-one communication with me, for all four weeks and have full access to each weeks’ plans. Each week we will have  video chat (no worries you can turn your camera off!) where we discuss your progress, your struggles and everything in between. This program is designed to offer support and encouragement to for you while setting out to make the changes in your live that you have been wanting to make but weren’t really sure on how to go about doing it. Each week will have a different “mini” challenge that ties into the other weeks, which creates the bigger picture of the four weeks.

These mini challenges will consist of incorporating different aspects such as:

  • Nutrition

  • Moving Our Bodies

  • Mental Health

  • Setting Intentions

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*When signing up for the challenge, simply select a date that you would like to start and I will be in touch with you regarding your start date.